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Wright studied leather work at an early age of 14 years old.  He later worked as an apprentice by famed saddle maker Don Lason in Grants Pass Oregon. Through the years he studied with other saddle makers, trading secrets and developing his own unique skills. He is also considered a master tooler and carver by his peers and his works have been in private collection. For over 25 years he has been making saddles and leather goods. He recently bought a building for his business in Victor, Montana, where he resides today.

In 1999, Wright developed a training trail saddle in which he named "Winahatchee". The Winahatchee name came from a saying that was used by saddles makers, "A trick or  a special technique that is difficult to master. In other words, "How did you do that?".   Later, through the years the Winahatchee has developed into a Mult-purpose Mountain, Training Endurance saddle with a light weight of 28Lbs fully rigged. The Winahatchee saddle was designed and engineered for those who are challenged physically to lift, where most saddles weight 45lbs.  The Winahatchee Saddle has all traditional materials such as wood raw hide trees, Lined raw hide riggings, real sheep wool, buffalo seats, bucking rolls and brass hardware.